Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs Therapy?

It has been our experience that parents can be the best pre-screeners. If you are on our website, it is more than likely that because you already have a concern and want to seek further guidance. Please utilize the developmental checklist on our website as a reference for developmental milestones. If after reviewing the checklist you find yourself still unsure, then we recommend calling us and setting up a free screening. One of our skilled therapists will assess your child’s current developmental progress and recommend the next appropriate step or steps to take if further assistance is needed.

What if my child needs an evaluation?

If an evaluation is recommended as the next step from your screening, we will contact your child’s physician and request an order to be faxed. All evaluations and treatments are provided under physician orders. We will send you a registration packet in the mail so you can complete this prior to the evaluation.

What can I expect during Therapy sessions?

Each child has an individualized plan of care created for them. The parents and physician will be included on the goals developed for the child. The child will attend their therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. Pediatric therapy is play-based, so most children don’t even realize they are in therapy and working toward the goals developed in the plan of care. Today’s therapy is fun and goes with the interest of the child.

How often are therapy sessions?

After the evaluation, the therapist will let you know the recommended frequency for your child. Sessions range from 1 to 5 times a week depending on your child’s disorder, severity of the disorder, and age. Sessions are 30 minutes in length.

What types of insurances do you accept?

We accept Iowa Medicaid, Iowa Total Care, Amerigroup, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Partners, United Health Care insurance carriers at this time. We do accept other area insurances and private pay patients, so please call us with further billing questions.

What is the difference between therapy provided in a school setting vs. an outpatient setting like Sweet Pea’s Therapy?

Both settings provide services by a licensed therapist. Both set goals and monitor the progress of your child. The advantages of using an outpatient facility like Sweet Pea’s Therapy are as follows:
  1. One-on-one therapy can be longer and more frequent, as well as give all focus to your child, while school settings are driven by broad needs.
  2. Unlike school-based treatments, Sweet Pea’s Therapy does not break for holidays and the Summer season, ensuring your child’s progress and preventing regression from lack of treatment.
  3. Sweet Pea’s Therapy is all-encompassing. We work closely with school counterparts in the co-treatment of your child to achieve comprehensive success at the highest level.
  4. There are lots of opportunities for children to work with their peers on social skills while  still having their one on one therapist assisting them.  Many of our patients are given the opportunity to develop those important social skills that help them connect with other peers their age.

Maybe I should wait and see if my child “grows out” of these delays or concerns?

Professional research is showing that early intervention is critical. Typically, it has been found that the earlier we are able to diagnose and treat any delays or other speech-related concerns, the higher the success rate. It is important to note that waiting until your child is in school could cause educational delays as well. The free screenings we offer are a perfect opportunity to have your child’s development checked. Please call us today at (563) 441-3000.

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