Sweet Pea’s Therapy offers an Early Childhood Advancement Program known as ECAP

Patients attend a scheduled program to promote carryover skills with their communication, fine motor, and social skills needed as they prepare to transition to school.

The patients chosen for this program must be a patient here at Sweet Pea’s Therapy.
The patient has been recommended by their therapist as a good candidate for this program as the patient has progressed with their language, articulation, social and feeding skills and demonstrates the ability to begin carrying over these skills in other environments.

We know some children - have difficulty carrying over their new skills into new environments. This program can help children by creating a small group setting with the familiarity of our clinic and licensed therapist team who have been with them since the beginning of their journey.

Patients selected for the program typically have a difficult time moving from a 1:1 skilled treatment learning experience to a classroom learning setting. This program is the perfect in-between step for some of those patients.

Our group sessions follow a schedule that helps patients learn and progress at their own pace. Therapists leading the sessions are able to use the therapeutic strategies, techniques, and modifications that help each patient progress their skills while in a group setting. We are able to “trial” some of these new routines, rules, and learning expectations before the patient goes to school. This program has become a necessary bridge for a patient's successful transition to Kindergarten.