Enjoys beign read to.
Makes animal sounds such as "moo" and "meow."
Points to simple body parts.
Says 8 to 10 words.
Asks for common foods by name ( pronounciation may be unclear).
Begins to use pronoun "mine."
Starting to combine words such as "more milk."

Knows about 50 words at 24 months.
Answers simple questions.
Begins to use plural such as "shoes" or "socks."
Beginning to use two word combinations.
Identifies body parts, basic animals and common items around home.
Knows spatial concepts such as " in" and "on."
Speech is becoming more accurate but child may still leave off ending sounds.
Sings familiar songs with common actions.

Says around 600 words.
Children are connecting and coordinating many ideas into a single sentence.
Articulation is becoming clearer.
Identifies colors.
Uses most speech sounds but may distort some of the more difficult sounds such as l, r, s,
 sh, ch, y, v, z,th.
Answers simple questions such as "What do you do if you are hungry?"
Groups objects such as clothes, foods, animals, etc.
Unfamiliar listeners are able to understand 90% of what child has said.
Repeats sentences.
Used verbs that end in "ing".

Says about 1500 words.
Understands complex questions.
Answers "Why" questions.
Understands spatial concepts such as " in front" and next to."
Describes how to do things.
Does my child need to see a Speech Pathologist?

Is your child not interested in communicating?

Does your child have 50 words at the age of two?

Is your child not joining two words together at two years of age?

Is your child difficult for others to understand at the age of three?

Is your child's speech difficult for you to understand?

Does your child have difficulty understanding what is said to him/her?

Is your child school aged and still making articulation errors such as "w" for "r" or "l" (weady/ready) (yewow/yellow)?

Is your child frustrated when trying to communicate?

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