How can parents get their child to therapy a few times a week?
We realize that taking time off work to take your child to therapy sessions a couple times a week is difficult to coordinate. Sweet Pea's Therapy has transportation services available at no cost for your child to and from their therapy sessions.* We can pick your child up at his/her daycare, home, or school. Just inform our staff when you call that this is a service you would be interested in for your child. (*Geographical Restrictions may apply, Call for details.)

After the evaluation the therapist will let you know the recommended frequency for your child. Sessions range from 1 to 5 times a week depending on your child's disorder, severity of the disorder, and age. The length of the session will also be determined at the evaluation. Sessions can range from 30 minutes to one hour in length.
What types of insurances do you accept?
How often are therapy sessions?
We accept Medicare B, Medicaid and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurances at this time. We do accept other area insurances and private pay patients, so please call us with further billing questions.
What is the difference between therapy provided in a school setting vs. an outpatient setting like Sweet Pea's Therapy?
 Both settings provide services by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Both set goals and monitor the progress of your child. Itís been our experience the biggest advantage of an outpatient Rehab facility like Sweet Peaís Therapy, is the ability to provide one on one therapy. These one on one sessions can be for a longer time frame and more frequently. This advantage allows our therapist to truly provide focused and effective therapy driven by your childís specifics needs vs. an overall group approach that may give broad help based on your childís peers in a school based treatment setting. Another great advantage of outpatient treatment at Sweet Peaís is there are no long breaks between treatments such as Christmas break, Spring break and most significantly Summer break. This advantage helps prevent regression due to lack of treatment. Finally, Sweet Peaís Therapy is passionate about the success of your child. We work closely with our school counterparts in the co- treatment of your child to help ensure they achieve success at the highest level.
Maybe I should wait and see if my child "grows out" of these delays or concerns?
Professional research is showing that early intervention is critical. Typically, it has been found the earlier we are able to diagnose and treat any delays or other Speech Related concerns, the higher the success rate. It is important to note that waiting until your child is in school could cause educational delays as well. The free screenings we offer is a perfect opportunity to have your child's speech and language development checked. Please call us today (563) 441-3000.